Understanding Michigan Auto Insurance

If you are a Michigan resident and you own a vehicle, you need to understand how to choose your insurance. It is a little different in Michigan because they have adopted a “no fault” policy. This means that if two vehicles collide, each driver pays for their own damages, either out of pocket or claiming the damage on their own insurance.

Understanding Your Auto Insurance in Plain English – Physical Damage

Your renewal policy just came in the mail, all 38 pages of tiny printed legalese. What will you do?

Most people will not take the time to check what their policy actually covers, so how would one know if they are insured properly?

The truth is that each state’s insurance commissioner regulates how insurance companies sell insurance. Therefore, the collision coverage on an Allstate policy will cover the same as Progressive’s collision coverage. There are differences between what companies will offer for discounts and extras, but the terms of coverage for liability and physical damage will be consistent.

Understanding Florida Auto Insurance

If you are a Florida resident and you own a vehicle, you are required to have some auto insurance. You should work with a knowledgeable agent so that you can thoroughly understand all your options and how your choices impact your coverage and premium amounts.

Tort Options in Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania and you own a vehicle, you have selected a tort option on your auto insurance policy. If you have no idea what that is or what that means, it probably means you have the lowest option, which gives you very little protection if someone hits you and you are injured.
As a side note: If you do not know what tort means and/or you do not know what type of coverage you have, it is time for you to shop for new insurance and find a carrier that will explain all your options.

Top Five Reasons for Your Auto Insurance Premium Increase

There is nothing more frustrating than getting your new auto insurance declarations renewal notice and find out that your insurance premium went up…again! You don’t recall anything that should make it go up, you haven’t caused any accidents. Why did your premium increase?

The High Cost of Auto Insurance Fraud

Joe has the right-of-way and waves on a Sally who has stopped at a stop sign, and then when she proceeds into the intersection, he hits her. When the police arrive Joe denies waving Sally on, and she is ticketed for failure-to-yield. Her insurance company pays for all Joes damages and claims of injury and suffering.

Hit and Run Coverage

Nothing makes for a worse morning than going out to your car that is parked on the side of the street and find that someone hit your car in the middle of the night and kept on going.

The hit-and-run driver is now a criminal if they weren’t one before. There are several charges that will be placed on the driver once they are caught…IF they are caught. First of all, typically the reason they caused an accident would have been of negligence. Perhaps they were drinking or fell asleep. Then the act of fleeing from the site of an accident is also a charge that can be put on a hit-and-run driver.

Five More Reasons Your Auto Insurance Premium Increased

Previously you learned that it’s possible your auto insurance premium increased due to a forgotten (or hidden) ticket by one of your drivers, high losses in your area, change in vehicle and the number of vehicles, and/or discounts falling off.

While insurance companies are regulated by each states’ insurance commission, statistics play a large part in determining rates for their customers. They even control the auto insurance discount options.

Insurance after a DUI

In the unfortunate case that you have been charged with a DUI, you may need to buy special insurance in order to get back on the road. It will be different in each state, so you will want to be sure to ask questions and get the information and do not wait for someone to track you down to tell you. Get the information up front so you can put the DUI on your record far behind you as quickly as possible.

Cheap Auto Insurance for Teens

It may seem to be impossible to find cheap auto insurance rates when a new teen driver is involved. However, affordable auto insurance can be possible when certain factors are involved. The following information will help guide parents and teens to get the best deal on auto insurance rates and help with this very important decision.

Basic Steps for Auto Insurance Claims

Nobody intends to have an accident. However, inevitably a time may come that something happens and you need your auto insurance to pay out for a claim.

First of all, you will want to call your insurance company and provide them information no matter who is at fault. It will be a combined effort of the insurance adjusters and possibly the police to determine fault, especially since each state has very specific guidelines about charging fault for accidents.

You Don’t Own a Car, Why Have Liability Insurance?

When you call for insurance quotes, one of the questions you will be asked is if you currently have insurance. If you have any lapse of coverage, even for just one day, it will either increase your premium, or make you ineligible for low-risk or preferred rates even if you have a great driving record.

Top Three Auto Insurance Claims

Being involved in an auto accident is traumatic for everyone involved. Unless the person at fault is someone who is purposely causing an accident for fraudulent purposes, like collecting insurance money, no one plans on making an accident happen. Knowing the most common auto insurance claims may help you reduce your chances of being involved so that you will not be in the position to pay higher insurance premiums.

Three Driving Tips to Avoid Auto Insurance Claims

Paying auto insurance is a must if you own a vehicle, and no one likes to do it. However, the insurance is there if you need it, and that’s why you have it. One thing to keep in mind is that any auto insurance claim may cause your premium rates to increase, so you will want to reserve those claims for something big. Taking some precautions may prevent a loss from occurring, or at least reduce the amount of loss.

One-Car Accidents and Higher Premiums

Some people do not realize that placing a car insurance claim on damage to their car when no other car or person was involved is still counted as a claim. With this in mind, taking steps to ensure you arrive safely at your destination will save you thousands in car insurance deductibles, higher premium, and lawsuits.