Pet Insurance

Are you having worries about how you are going to take your puppy to the vet? The average vet visit cost around 120 dollars. That is for shots and a wellness exam. What happens when they get sick or hurt? The vet cost gets more expensive then. The fee for even seeing the vet can go up because it is an emergency, then if you have to go to an afterhour’s veterinary care the cost double. If your puppy was to break its leg you would have to go to the vet every week to get a new cast put on and they may also need surgery. This is why you should look into pet insurance when you are looking for your new puppy.

pet insurancePet insurance pays for the vet bills your puppy will have as it gets older. The insurance is like having property insurance. It will reimburse you for one you send in a claim. They have different plans which will cover a verity of veterinary cost. Some employers offer pet insurance with the health insurance plans. This way you can insure or family and the family puppy. There are two categories for pet insurance policies, non-lifetime and lifetime.

With non-lifetime insurance it will cover something only once. So if your puppy needs to have ongoing care or gets the same issues again it will not be covered, and you will have to pay or it out of pocket. With lifetime insurance plans on going issues will be covered, but they do have limits. They limit per condition or per condition per year. All have different implications for a pet owner whose pet needs treatment year after year, so it is wise to be clear which type of lifetime policy you are considering.

Companies often limit coverage for pre-existing conditions. There is also a time right after you buy the insurance for your puppy where you will not be able send in claims. This is to insure that the puppy was not sick before you bought the pet insurance.

When you are looking for a new puppy make sure you look for pet insurance and get them both at the same time. This way when something does happen you do not have to worry about where the money will come from, and you and your puppy will be happy and healthily.

As always you should consult a certified professional before making any insurance decisions. This should include your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s healthcare options.